Monday, October 28, 2013

Israel Releases More Prisoners, HPers Spread More Hate

Israel has once again taken concrete steps towards peace, as it released more convicted Palestinian murderers from its prisons back to the Palestinian Authority. The Huffington Post covered this news, complete with a nice picture of hands gripping prison bars (no bias here), and once again the HP readership came out on the comments thread not to praise Israel for meeting Palestinian demands, or hope for more steps towards peace based on this one, but to scream insults at Israel, post off topic spam and whine about Jewish terrorism that took place in the 1940s (seriously). Take a look:

Either the HP apologists are more Palestinian than the Palestinians, or the Palestinians themselves don't care about Israeli steps towards peace. Either way, it's not good.

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  1. "Medetaranian Mom" is the biggest lying propagandist on HuffPo.

    "She" is so full of it she wreaks. This "child" is 16, and is "awaiting" trial for throwing stones, as weapons, at IDF soldiers. His sentence, *IF* found guilty,
    *could be* up to twenty years.

    He is NOT in jail, and certainly not "for life"…….


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