Monday, October 14, 2013

James Zogby Hates Western Interference, Except When He Doesn't

James Zogby supposedly is all about Arab-Americans yet 90% of his writing on the Huffington Post is about foreign Arabs. Usually he is telling America to "stay out" of the Middle East because it has negative consequences to Arabs, clearly unconcerned about being accused by the Huffington Post readership of being an "Arab firster." He'll blame America and Israel for just about anything, including the mistreatment of Christians by Muslims. It seems like a good quarter of his articles are just attacking America for not cracking down on Israel enough to force it to accept Arab demands. Yet as soon as Zogby needs something it isn't his Arab brothers that he turns to but his country, as his latest example proves.

Zogby is correct when he says that we aren't paying much attention to Lebanon. He thinks we should because the civil war next door could easily explode over there (no pun intended). Of course it would help if the Palestinians would stop pushing and shoving their way into the spotlight for five minutes but let's not quibble over details. Syrian refugees are overwhelming Lebanon, you see, and according to Zogby Lebanon has not build any refugee camps for them. Once again the elephant in the room, the Palestinians, appears, as hundreds of thousands of them live in apartheid-like conditions in Lebanese refugee camps. Once again that Arab insistence on hurting Israel against all logic has come back to bite them in a big way, and Zogby expects us to pick up the tab for their mistakes.
"This said, Lebanon demands immediate attention. I cannot disagree with the push to rid Syria of chemical weapons, convene a Geneva II Summit to find a way to end that country's long war, and provide more assistance to alleviate the humanitarian crisis created by the massive population displacement created by the war. But Lebanon can no longer be ignored. The country need urgent support. It needs support to strengthen its capacity to deal with this crisis: the army needs assistance to help control the border and provide internal security; and the government and relief agencies need assistance to provide support to Lebanon's poor and those who have been displaced in their own country by the influx of refugees. 
Our concern for what is happening to Syria and Syrians, cannot and must not drown out our concern for Lebanon and its people. If we continue to ignore Lebanon, in short order, that country might collapse under the weight of the pressures to which it has been subjected. Lebanon requires attention."
I assume by "our" you mean the West right? Since you live here and claim to have your heart here when you aren't criticizing it? Well in case you haven't noticed we have our own problems and Lebanon is not a top priority. Maybe you Arabs can handle your own problems for once? In yet another strange turnaround from the Huffington Post's usual behavior, the readership all attacked Zogby and asked him my same questions. I guess when it comes to asking America to give away money even the Arab World is not immune:

If you want Huffington Post support, better to just mindlessly attack Israel.

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