Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kuttab Back to Shill about Netanyahu's Priorities

Professional Palestinian propagandist Daoub Kuttab is many things, and one of those is productive. Certainly once a week, if not more, he's writing articles for the Huffington Post about the only thing he cares about: the Palestinians. This time, he's complaining that the Prime Minster of Israel has other things to worry about besides the Palestinians. The nerve of him! Let's get started. 

Kuttab starts right off the bat with complaining about Netanyahu:
"It is a well-known tactic. Avoid difficult issues and concentrate on the easier ones.
This seems to have been the tactic of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in avoiding the Palestinian-Israeli issue while focusing almost entirely on Iran and its newly elected president."
He then describes more of Netanyahu's speech, which did in fact focus on Iran. Gasp! He then goes on to defend Iran, for some reason:
"Netanyahu's efforts will require a smoking gun to counter Iranian claims that its nuclear power will be for civilian use, and not military, as the Israelis claim.
While Iran insists that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes, Israel, which is known to possess an arsenal of nuclear warheads and which refuses, unlike Iran, to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is hardly the party that can complain.
Even if the Israeli leader convinces a few of his point that Iran is in fact trying to develop a nuclear bomb, he will have a harder time to prove that this bomb presents a threat to the state of Israel. "
Kuttab busts out the classic Iranian apologist talking point that Israel can't hold Iran accountable for the promise Iran made because Israel hasn't made a similar promise. If that makes no sense to you, don't worry, that just means you haven't been brainwashed to defend Iran at all costs yet.

As for whether the bomb presents a threat to Israel, I don't think anyone doubts that. Except Kuttab, of course. Let's move on.
"Arab and international demands that the entire Middle East be a region free of weapons of mass destruction have actually moved a major step forward recently, when the Syrians agreed to rid themselves of all their chemical weapons.Israel's previous argument was that Iran is a rogue country and that its main aim is to destroy Israel. This argument was made easier by the often boisterous rhetoric of its previous leaders.Now Israel and its apologists were deprived of this weapon, which makes them insist on the wolf in sheep's clothing simile even though the US and other Western leaders are now talking to the Iranians."
 Of course the Arabs would demand the Middle East be free of weapons of mass destruction. They have the numerical and material advantage over Israel. In a conventional war, they have the advantage. Not sure what Kuttab is trying to prove here.

Israel also has not been "deprived" of the "weapon" of the "boisterous" (read: genocidal and anti-Semitic) language of the Iranian leadership. A few speeches does not a moderate make. While we here at HPM don't oppose talking to Iran, we're not foolish enough to believe the true power in Iran has changed one iota. Kuttab apparently hopes we are.

After some more talk about Iran, Kuttab's true message comes through, complaining that not enough attention is placed on the most important issue of our time: the Palestinians.
"A look at Netanyahu's record, ever since he was the Israeli ambassador to the UN, shows a tendency to exaggerate regional issues to keep world opinion away from the one issue that Israel is refusing to budge on, the question of Palestine.
Ironically, one of the key arguments deployed in Israel is that Iran plans to waste time in negotiations while developing its nuclear military capability. Few in Israel were willing to look in the mirror and see how, since the Madrid conference and the Oslo Accords, Israel has used this exact time-wasting tactic in order to expand illegal Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian lands while offering token, dead-end negotiations.
Before leaving for the UN, Netanyahu promised to speak the truth at this forum. What we saw was yet another speech that deviates from Israel's occupation and colonial policies and focuses on what is quickly becoming a non-argument in world circles."
 The claim that Israel is "refusing to budge on Palestine" is a ridiculous lie, even for Kuttab. We all saw the Palestinian side refusing to negotiate for months while Israel waited for them to deign to talk to them. Abbas is notorious for bragging he hasn't changed a single one of his demands for "peace" in decades. But don't worry, according to Kuttab any kind of negotiation is "token" and "dead-end", so they aren't even worth doing. What is Israel supposed to do? Kuttab doesn't say.

Ditto with the "illegal Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian lands". We've busted that lie so many times it's scarcely worth talking about anymore.

Daoud Kuttab is a perfect example of the Palestinian propagandist: demand all the attention for yourself and your cause, make some stuff up, and complain that everyone else isn't doing enough for "peace." Why does the Huffington Post publish this tripe?

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