Friday, October 18, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Attack on Army Base

Here's some conflict news the HP doesn't cover, because it's not about evil Israel oppressing poor innocent Palestinians:
A Palestinian man was shot and killed Thursday evening after he forced his way into an army base north of Jerusalem, using a tractor to ram the gate, in what the IDF described as a suspected terror attack.Palestinian officials said the suspect was identified as Younis al-Radeideh. His family reportedly recently received a demolition order for their East Jerusalem home, according to Walla News.According to reports, in 2009, his brother Marei al-Radeideh, a resident of Bet Hanina, was shot dead in a similar incident in Jerusalem when he drove a tractor into two vehicles, including a police car and an empty bus. He was shot by officers at the scene.Younis Radeideh is believed by israeli officials to have acted on his own, Israel Radio reported.Thursday’s incident occurred at the IDF’s Rama Base, just north of Jerusalem next to Al-Ram, a Palestinian neighborhood.
Although I wouldn't put it past the Huffposters to declare this man's death "murder" and "a war crime". 

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  1. The uncle of Younis al-Radeideh confirmed later that there was no demolition order on their home, besides the property is rented. The motivation for the attack is unclear, but terror is suspected.


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