Monday, October 21, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Bomb Found on Gaza Border

Israel Defense Forces soldiers discovered a roadside bomb positioned along the border with the Gaza Strip on Monday and safely disposed of the device. No injuries or damage were caused in the incident.
The troops found the explosives during routine operations on the border, and bomb-disposal engineers detonated the device in a controlled explosion.“Explosive devices and tunnels will not deter the IDF from maintaining the access required in order to safeguard the civilians of Israel from Hamas terrorism,” the IDF said in response to the incident.The incident came a week after the IDF revealed it had uncovered an extensive tunnel running from Gaza into Israel. A Hamas spokesman admitted on Sunday that his organization had dug the tunnel in order to try to kidnap Israelis to be used as a bargaining chip in obtaining the release of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons.At the beginning of September two bombs exploded near IDF troops on the border, causing no injuries or damage. There have been numerous bombs placed along the Israeli-Gazan border since Israel’s August 2005 pullout from the coastal enclave.

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