Friday, October 4, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Israel Running for Security Council

Somewhat interesting news today about a pipe dream for Israel:
Israel said on Thursday it plans to run for a rotating seat on the UN Security Council for the first time ever for 2019-2020, although UN diplomats said it will not be easy for the Jewish state to win. "We're going all out to win," Israel's UN Ambassador Ron Prosortold Reuters. "It's about time."Winning a Security Council seat requires a two-thirds majority in the 193-nation General Assembly.
Candidates are proposed by the five regional groups but election to the council is done by the full assembly. Prosor said Israel will be vying against Germany and Belgium for two seats allotted to the "Western European and Others Group." Technically Israel should be a member of the Asia-Pacific Group along with the other states in the Middle East. But predominantly Muslim states blocked its admission to that group. In 2000 Israel was admitted to the Western European and Others Group, which includes the United States, on a temporary basis. In 2004 its membership in that group was permanently renewed. Israel has occasionally held posts as vice president of the UNGeneral Assembly but it has never been a member of the Security Council, the most powerful and prestigious body at the United Nations with the authority to impose sanctions or authorize the use of military force to enforce its decisions.
It has no chance of getting there, in my opinion, but it's fun to imagine a world where Israel is on the Security Council.

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