Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pallywood Arrives on the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post's anti-Israel bias has been pretty blatant at times. At others it is more subtle. This is one of the latter. The Huffington Post's "World" section published an article titled "29 Photos That Put All Of Our Struggles In Perspective." They are billing the photos as "powerful" ones that show human suffering.

As you're probably not surprised to hear, there were none from Syria or Lebanon or Egypt. Or Sudan. But there were two of the eternal victim Palestinians and not surprisingly they were both completely staged.

The first is of a Palestinian kid pretending to be upset that "his home" was being demolished for being built illegally.

Of course Elder of Ziyon already pointed out that this is staged and none of the "crying" kids were genuinely sad. The other is of the now infamous "Shirley Temper," who never actually touches IDF soldiers but only pretends to.

The Huffington Post captioned this as "wanting nothing else except to fight back." Could the spin and pandering possibly be more obvious? The Huffington Post has no excuse no to know that these pictures are staged as they were taken months ago. Regardless, the comment section ate it up:

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  1. the really sad, terrible, frightening thing is all these so called 'humanitarians who have absolutely no idea of rhe truth and swallow all the garbage that is fed to their common-sense deficient psychs.


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