Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Palsbara in Action: The Deflection

We all know that anti-Zionists and fake Palestinian supporters are hypocrites, and the latest prisoner release thread that Matt commented upon yesterday was a perfect example of hypocrisy in action. One of the most common accusations that anti-Zionists throw at "hasbara" (besides lies and personal attacks) is the deflection, also known as a red herring to people smarter than them. This is where instead of proving your opponent wrong or actually saying something relevant, you just immediately change the subject to whatever you want to talk about. There were even Israel haters accusing pro-Israel people of doing it in the thread itself. But as I am about to prove, if anyone was deflecting that day it was the "Palestinian supporters." They would dredge up anything to deflect attention away from the fact that the Palestinians being released were in fact murderers with blood on their hands, including pointing fingers at Israelis that are dead and buried and have been for decades, and of course settlers:

Apparently some people have real trouble staying on topic.


  1. It's ironic, in my experince when you get someone on the left debating any of their other sacred cows with someone on the right, they'll excitedly point this particular debating tactic out like a small child snitching on another child that's done something they think the adults will find "wrong."

  2. The hate-Israel team has staked out a maximalist position; Israel is ALWAYS wrong and the Palestinians are ALWAYS right.
    It makes it really easy for them to argue, because the facts of the matter become largely irrelevant. If they think the facts are on their side, they will get very specific (and chastise anyone who ventures off their narrow point).
    But when the facts are not in their favor (as we see here), they have no problem deflecting to another topic.
    And a few will take the approach of actually defending these murderers as 'freedom fighters' who always deserved release. This is a tough line to justify given the crimes some of these guys committed, so most will jump right to blaming Israel for something else.


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