Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rihanna's Concert Lie Brings Out the Hate

Zach blogged yesterday about the Huffington Post's "journalism" about the Rihanna concert in Israel. It's now looking like Ha'aretz made up the story completely and the original Ha'aretz article has changed. That didn't change the Huffington Post comments section from practically jumping for joy at the thought that Rihanna might agree with them that Israel shouldn't exist and is pure evil, despite the fact the Huffington Post article (but not headline) was updated to reflect this truth. Others criticized Israel for ridiculous stuff, like being apartheid and women "not having equal rights" (yes, that criticism was leveled unironically) Here's some of the top comments.

But should Rihanna equally perform in Gaza, perhaps?

No, of course not. She doesn't dress modestly enough! 

Hatred, lies and double standards, thy name is Huffington Post. 

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