Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ruth Sinai Beats A Very Dead Horse

Even with all of the crazy things that are going on in the world today, you can always rely on the Huffington Post blogger stable to gaze with laser-like precision on anything Israel is doing that they don't like. Ha'aretz writer Ruth Sinai (whose only other work on the Huffington Post is titled "Racism Israeli Style," no bias here) has brought back to the Huffington Post the now older-than-dirt story about Israel's migrant worker issue. I guess when there isn't enough violence going on there you have to come up with something, so she produces an article that really has no new information contained in it except that, as always, Israel isn't good enough for her.

She then declares it's "ironic" that Israel isn't accepting refugees from Uganda, because early Zionists considered having Uganda as a Jewish homeland for about five seconds a long time ago. Maybe that makes sense to her. Then not surprisingly, she immediately starts lying and Jew baiting. You know, just in case you were under the mistaken impression that Israel and Jews had nothing to do with each:
"The agreement, which Uganda officially denies, reflects a determined Israeli policy to rid the country of all non-Jews claiming to have fled persecution in their lands, a policy which ignores the suffering of the Jews themselves who were persecuted and unwanted over the ages."
As Sinai herself admits later, Israel has taken refugees and have no intention of getting "rid" of them, but who cares about the truth when you have mud to throw and a Huffington Post audience eager to hear anything that fits their preconceived notions? The Jew baiting here is completely uncalled for: Israel cannot accept unlimited numbers of refugees, no country can not even the big and powerful ones. But Sinai isn't that interested in reality, slamming Israel is fun and makes her feel good so she's going to keep doing it.

After declaring Israel was "built for Jewish refugees," which it wasn't and even if it were that has no relevance, and saying that it doesn't take in enough refugees, throws in something even more ridiculous:
"More amazing is the fact that since 2009, some 47,000 African asylum seekers infiltrated Israel through the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. But, according to Israel's ministry of interior, only some 25 were granted recognition as refugees fleeing persecution...In all fairness, one should note that virtually none of the 47,000 applied for refugee status -- not for lack of desire. They were simply prevented by Israeli authorities from doing so, using bureaucratic and policy tools."
Israel doesn't recognize them as refugees in order not to offend Eritrea and Ethiopia. Don't expect Sinai to mention this of course. As for this whining about bureaucracy, of course everyone who applies to live in Israel is going to say they are a refugee. If you are a refugee they are way more likely to accept you than if you are a migrant worker.

At this point I might point out what Sinai isn't saying: Namely the context surrounding the issue. She doesn't point out that America deports hundreds of thousands of people a year (yes, even under Obama) or accuse America of hypocrisy considering what's written under the Statue of Liberty. She doesn't point out how the Arab states treat Africans or their migrant worker population, or about how they are treated on their way to Israel. She doesn't particularly care about actually helping the Africans but just about slamming Israel.

In complete fairness only after she takes in her shots at Jews does she dial it back slightly, at the end of the article after it's likely people have stopped reading (emphasis mine):
"" Most industrialized, democratic nations have had to deal with the same issues -- the United States with the vast number of migrants crossing its 3,000-kilometer border with Mexico, Western Europe with hundreds of thousands of migrants from the economically disadvantaged east, Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy with massive migration from Africa (across the sea), and more....They all struggle to find solutions, sometimes in violation of human rights and international law, yet somehow, they don't forget that there are others out there less fortunate than themselves. Sadly, Israel has forgotten."
Nothing like a good false dichotomy to close off a poorly written article like this one. If Israel doesn't let itself be overwhelmed and destroyed by migrant workers, they are terrible people who don't care about the poor. So amazingly poor logic on that one. Israelis work hard to help the poor all over the world, and it's very typical of a Ha'aretz writer to insulting ignore all that has been done by people who have real jobs besides "bash Israel for a living." It's just that in Israel as in all countries (as even she admits) there are limits to how much you can do for your fellow man.

As always, I'm wondering if Sinai would be willing to give up her house to let a Sudanese immigrant live in it, or if she just expects others to do so.

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