Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Huffington Post, A Wedding Video, and Anti-Semitism

For a website as tolerant of anti-Semitism as the Huffington Post is, you'd think they would try to play it down more than they do. But when a story about anti-Semitism can't possibly be construed as criticism of Israel, the Huffington Post editors decide to mine it for clicks. This latest example is of a videographer at a wedding who send the couple unedited footage of it that included him making anti-Semitic remarks including "I don't blame Hitler [for what he did.]" The Huffington Post moderators were on the job deleting at least twenty comments:

Yet lot of Jew baiting, Israel-deflections and defense of anti-Semitism managed to shine through anyway:

So classy. And if this wasn't enough, Huffington Post editor Dominique Mosbergen thought she would toss in yet another Stormfront link in the "Around the Web" section:

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