Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Third Prisoner Article, Third Hate Parade

I've come to the conclusion that if the Huffington Post editors really want to attract their Israel hating readership to articles, they shouldn't publish things that make Israel look bad. That's tried and true and it fails to get the blood boiling. Instead, they should publish things that make Israel look good because then the readership goes into a frenzy of cognitive dissonance as they try to prove that Israel really is as evil as they believe it to be. That's why we are going three for three with articles about the recent release of murderers prisoners carried out in the name of peace. Anav Silverman wrote an article about trying to put a human face on the people the Palestinians killed and naturally the readership got very upset:

As always Huffington Post approved.

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  1. Any story such as Shoah, or Israelis dead from terrorism, which invokes sympathy for Jews or Israelis are highly offensive to people like MedMom and other extreme Pal'n propagandists b/c they feel any ounce of sympathy for Jews or Israelis means justification for Israel, and takes focus away from their 'poor' suffering Pal'ns which of course could only be caused by mean cold blooded Israelis, for no reason at all , which they try to sell to the public. That's why there is Holocaust trivalization, minimization, and even denial. Notice that those extreme Pal'n supporters will refuse to condemn the actions of those murderers and instead change subject by trying to show how Pal'n are only one's who suffer in the whole wide world. There only concern is human rights for Pal'ns, not for others, even when murder is the subject. Sad and pathetic.


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