Friday, October 25, 2013

Today's Religion Section Roundup

First of all, there was a new story from the "Religion" section about Jews saying that (even though the numbers prove otherwise) they don't feel as discriminated against as Muslims. Nor gays nor black people. Of course, the Huffington Post readership accused Jews of playing the victim anyway or leveled other accusations their way:

As always Huffington Post approved. Elsewhere, a blogger named Jerry Silverman wrote something about a Pew survey on Jewish people's religious feelings and suggest that Jews get more involved with religious school, camps, and other Jewish institutions. The Huffington Post readership came charging in to sneer at the Jews for daring to preserve their nation. As a fellow atheist I don't particularly mind people dumping on the Jewish religion, but these comments seemed especially mean spirited and directed at the people who practice it, which is quite different:

Classy as always.

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