Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yet Another "One State" Advocate on the Huffington Post

In a clear example of the kind of bias the Huffington Post pumps out on a daily basis, the World News editors followed up Max Blumenthal's "Israel is Evil" article with one by Richard W. Kropf about how Israel shouldn't exist. This is what the Huffington Post likes to call "balance." Apparently even saying that they want peace and that Israel needs to work harder to make it happen is too mild for them.

Kropf begins by explaining that we really should be focusing more on Israel now that that insignificant little matter of poison gas use in Syria has been cleaned up (meanwhile the conventional war goes on), and explains that when he went to the West Bank in the '80s he thought it could use Israeli modernization. He then advertises for his friend's view of how a two-state solution would work, even helpfully providing the link, before finally getting to his main point. Which is what Israel shouldn't exist:
"[I have my doubtsabout the feasibility, much more the desirability, of any state in the modern world being officially identified with this or that particular religion. It seems to me that the efforts to establish any nation on that basis is an attempt to return to the past which the world, in its present state, can ill afford, unless we are keen on repeating the racial pogroms and religious persecutions of the past with many, if not quite all, of their atrocities."
Treating Israel as the one big exception to the rest of the world is the most common tactic of Israel haters and it appears that Kropf is no exception. Even if he was right that Israel identifies with the Jewish religion and not the Jewish people, it is hardly the only nation in the world that does so. Britain still identifies with the Anglican Church and Greece with the Greek Orthodox one, for example. Not to mention the more than fifty Muslim countries. But yet again it is only the Jewish one that must be annihilated to please the doubts of intellectuals sitting in their ivory towers hundreds of miles away. How typical.

It also goes without saying that if Kropf was unhappy with a state for Jews he should have had that conversation 65 years ago. But the state exists now and has rights, as do the people who live in that state. And those rights will not be taken away no matter how much Kropf doesn't like it. If he is so concerned about racial pogroms and religious persecutions, he should start working on the Muslim world. But criticizing Muslims doesn't get you published on the Huffington Post, clearly.

On the other hand, there's still plenty of time to prevent the creation of a fifty third state for Muslims and a twenty fourth state for Arabs. Of course Kropf isn't willing to declare the Palestinian people unworthy of the right of self-determination, so naturally he insists on dragging Israel down with them in the form of a "one state solution." Of course he doesn't even come right out and say that as he focuses with laser like precision on Israel, the one country that he finds unworthy of existing. Unsurprisingly, he cites the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to back up his argument that Jews should be deprived of their human rights:
"Nor has the modern state of Israel [ratified it], even though it owed its initial existence to the UN, and which still lacks a constitution, although Israeli law, which although it identifies Israel as a Jewish state, claims to protect religious minorities."
How much can one man get wrong in one run on sentence?

Israel does not owe its existence to the UN, but I like how Kropf just had to take a shot at them. Britain also doesn't have a constitution, yet Israel is once again uniquely evil for having Basic Laws instead. And Israel does protect religious minorities, as you can read in their laws. Christianity (something that Kropf mentions is dying) is actually growing in Israel, but he can't be bothered to mention that as usual.

It takes the very last paragraph for Kropf to come right out and admit that he wants a "one state solution." Of course he does so in a very backhanded way:
"So where does this leave us? It seems to me that when it comes to the Middle East, rather than the universal goal regarding human rights that the UN had in mind ever being achieved, the proposed two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while it might prove a temporary solution, in the end will only prolong the outworn and divisive situation."
Um, yeah. Got any evidence that it will "prolong" the situation? Because most people seem to think that it will lead to peace, just like the peace between Israel and Egypt and Israel and Jordan. Those peaces haven't been perfect but they have lasted. But Kropf can be bothered to explain his views here. His column entirely consisted of attacking Israel, saying it shouldn't exist, saying human rights are good, then saying that a two state solution won't work. What a fail.

If this is the best the Huffington Post blogger stable can produce, then that says an awful lot.


  1. How may articles have been approved on HP that declare their shouldn't be a Palestinian State or another Muslim State and list all reasons why? Just curious.

  2. Strange "moderation" on this article…..the "moderation" is what is quick becoming the norm……….most Israel supporters silenced, while anti-Israel posters are given free reign to spew their lies, conspiracy theories, and general hatred.

    Huffington Post is truly less than one breath away from Stormfront, and other anti-Israel sites that are so frequently quoted by the jew haters.


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