Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Al Jazeera Not Doing Well: HuffPost Shills for Them

We've discussed in the past the strange love affair between the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera. It's not merely limited to having many former AJ editors on their staff, either. Unfortunately for them, it seems that Al Jazeera America (whose arrival they welcomed with cheers and biased headlinesisn't doing that well in the ratings. Could it be that Americans don't enjoy watching news filtered through the propaganda arm of an Islamist dictatorship? Not on the Huffington Post's watch! They did some original reporting to find out what's happening. And by original reporting I mean they just copied and pasted the tweets of some actual reporters.

After reporting the numbers and finding AJA is being watched less than a public access channel, the HuffPost brought in the spin:
"Yipes! Those are bad numbers. But "total day" is just one of the ways networks like to measure their ratings. Often, a network will highlight how its biggest shows are doing, rather than tout its total day ratings, which bring in numbers from daytime as well as primetime."
They then provide the tweets of Alex Weprin talking about the watching numbers of AJA's biggest shows. The Huffington Post concludes:
"So, by some measures, Al Jazeera America is doing far worse than its predecessor. By other measures, it's holding relatively steady." 
It's predecessor, by the way, was Current TV, which wasn't exactly a staple of the American news world. Either way, it's bad news. But don't worry! Here comes Buzzfeed's Peter Lauria to make you feel better:

Okay, so if Al Jazeera America doesn't need ratings in the first place, why was this article even posted? Oh right, so the Huffington Post readership can go around and around and around about how stupid Americans are and how great anything not American is, their favorite topic:

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