Friday, November 1, 2013

Classic HP Bias: Who Was Killed?

The Huffington Post busted out a classic display of bias with its headlines today. It covered this news from the Gaza border in its World News section:

What? Israel bombed a tunnel and killed people! Those poor innocent Palestinians! What a despicable crime! Another example of Israeli aggression for no reason that has murdered innocent Palestinians!!!

When you click on the article, though, the headline becomes slightly more informative:

Oh....well, Israel still attacked Gaza for no reason! Israeli warmongers! Violent aggressors! 

But if you read the actual article, it states:
"The military said it carried out the strike after five of its soldiers were wounded as they tried to demolish another tunnel used by the Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas that rules Gaza."
 Was that wounding of Israeli soldiers covered by the Huffington Post? Of course not! Was this important context for the airstrike mentioned in the headline? Of course not!

No comments have been posted on the article so far, but you can bet with the copious amount of spin the Huffington Post put on this article's headlines, there'll be hateful comments a plenty posted soon.

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