Thursday, November 14, 2013

Comment of the Day, Jewish Fraternity Edition

The rabid anti-Semitism among the Huffington Post readership stretches to every section, even the College one. The Huffington Post covered a story there about a Jewish fraternity that was vandalized pretty extensively:
"Twelve cars parked behind the Delta Sigma Phi and Beta Sigma Beta fraternity houses were spray painted Thursday night or Friday morning, according to the Centre Daily. Police believed the anti-Semitic messages, sexual pictures and phrases and swastikas were directed at Beta Sigma Beta, a mostly Jewish house."
Few Huffington Posters had anything to say about the story, but one of them knew exactly who to blame:

Just imagine if such a comment had been directed at a black fraternity about President Obama. The comment never would have seen the light of day.

Edit: Here's another one seeking to prematurely blame the victims. Classic HuffPost:

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