Wednesday, November 6, 2013

HP Bias in Pictures: Aid to the Palestinians

Nothing enrages the HP readership more than a reminder that the US government gives military aid to Israel. Such threads will generate thousands of comments. So when the news broke that the US is going to give $75 million to the Palestinians (an amount of money which, as the readership routinely reminds us, can buy a lot of food stamps), the Huffington Post had to do something to prevent the righteous fury of its readership from being directed at the wrong side. How? An insanely biased picture, of course:

The Palestinians are victims, got it? Here they are behind a wall, trapped, the way they always have been and the way they always will be. If you don't like giving aid to them, you're a filthy Zionist.

You think when the HP covers US aid to Israel, they show children in Sderot hiding in an air raid shelter? I didn't think so.

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