Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HP Censorship: Inconvenient Truth on Iran

An anonymous HP reader pointed us to a classic example of Huffington Post censorship.

A user called "Rocknhula" began posting on an Iran nuke thread. He only got a couple posts off before the banhammer got him. Decide for yourself if anything he said was ban worthy (sorry about the quality of the screenshots):

Never the less, Rockhula's profile is deleted. The user "Capsen", who declared Rockhula was "lying,"remains a member in good stead on the Huffington Post.

Speak the inconvenient truth on the Huffington Post, about Iran or the Palestinians, and you won't be allowed to speak for much longer.

1 comment:

  1. Yes there is definitely censorship on Huff... strangely the censors are pro-muslim brotherhood, and will prevent any contradiction on some of the tripe posted on the subject. This is especially the case when first hand incidences are mentioned.
    Huff seems to prefer to post the stream of conscious ramblings of an armchair polemic to someone with first had knowledge


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