Wednesday, November 27, 2013

HuffPo Bloggers on Iranian Deal

Now that it's been three days it appears that the "Iranathon" of blogging about the latest nuclear deal has finished. How did the Huffington Post blogosphere weigh in? Pretty handily on one point of view, I would say:

Not that the results are all that surprising, the Huffington Post is pretty left wing and will never criticize diplomacy in action. Click below for how I categorized the bloggers.

Favor: Bradley, Solomon, Lando, Peyronin, Olmert, Scheer, Ben-Meir, Beeman, Strenger, Sanders, Moezzi, Dowd

Against: Silverman, Wagner, Harris

Neutral: Sacribry, Rafizadeh, Ben-Hur, Kaplan

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