Friday, November 22, 2013

HuffPost Continues to Mine Sympathy for Palestinians

As Matt pointed out, just one sympathy-wringing article about the poor innocent suffering Palestinians was not enough for the Huffington Post's "World" section, they decided to go for two. What happened this time is that Hamas refused to pay the gas bill and so Egypt closed the Rafah crossing...and for some reason that led to maintenance problems and sewage leaking out into Gaza's streets.  Naturally a sympathy milking headline and picture was required, as a splash page across the World section.

Apparently only children live in Gaza, according to the HP. But surprisingly the Huffington Post article principally blamed Egypt for these problems:
"Facing an already dire shortage of expensive gas from Israel, Gaza was forced to shut down its only power plant earlier this month after Egypt closed its Rafah border and began to destroy tunnels used to smuggle fuel. Since then, several feet of sewage water has poured into Gaza’s biggest city. 
“It’s like the canals of Venice in Gaza City,” Majed Abusalama, a Gazan human rights activist, told The Huffington Post on Thursday. “But with rivers of sewage.” 
Egypt’s Rafah border leading to Gaza -- home to some 1.7 million Palestinians -- has been closed for weeks at a time in recent months. Students, unable to leave or enter the Gaza Strip, have lost their scholarships. Patients seeking life-saving surgeries wait stranded at the border. And fuel that was sent across the border almost every day can no longer be transported. 
Egypt also adopted a strict policy of destroying underground tunnels leading to Gaza following the ouster of its controversial Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. Both Egypt and Israel say the tunnels are used to smuggle in weapons, but locals say tens of thousands of workers who made a living smuggling in everything from fuel to medicine to Hummers now have no source of income. And they warn they can’t survive for much longer without fuel.... 
"While Israel has long been viewed as the enemy by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, anger is boiling as Egypt continues to destroy smuggling tunnels and keep the border closed. Gazans now feel trapped -- and betrayed -- by both Israel and Egypt. 
“We are angry with Egypt,” Majed said over a crackly Skype connection. “Palestinians and Gazans have a history with Egypt. People here expect oppression from the occupation -- not from our Egyptian brothers.”'
But alas, actually reading the article is for Zionists, and the usual suspects pretended to care about Palestinians with all their hearts and souls:

Gotta love that usual "criticism" of Israel's "policies."


  1. Surprisingly, aside from the well known anti-Israel posters, a good deal of the posts showed little sympathy for the Arabs. A large majority of posters were putting blame where blame belongs, on Hamas and the Arabs themselves. Noted, was their continuous quest to kill Jews, shoot rockets, and ignore their financial responsibilities to spend money on weapons and tunnels instead.

    Could it be that many are getting sick of the constant whining and holding out of hands for worldwide dollars, that is an obvious political ploy?
    Could it be a tiring of people who continue to turn their backs on seeking a real peace and instead continue to seek ways to harm and delegitimize Israel?

    HP has trumped up their sympathy for the devil campaign, but could it be that they are finally being found out by the masses, leaving only the regular Israel haters to spew their lies?
    One can only hope so.

  2. Children are not responsible for the politics of their parents.

    May I remind you of the wise and compassionate words from the Roots of Freedom published above:

    "Whether the boot of a soldier or the sandal of a child in Israel or Palestine, these seeds of hatred sown in both the soil and soul cause pain and prevent future generations from living in peace."


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