Thursday, November 14, 2013

HuffPost Covers Soldier Stabbing in Classic Biased Manner

Once again, the Huffington Post exhibits its egregious double standards with the covering of the news that a Palestinian 16-year-old stabbed an Israeli soldier to death. Once again, the headline and the picture are biased. Observe:

The headline reads: "IDF Soldier Stabbing Could Impair Peace Talks."

What soldier stabbing? This is the first we're hearing of it. Do we know it'll impair peace talks? No? Then why is the Huffington Post speculating?

Note the lack of blame in the headline. A soldier was stabbed. These things happen! No, we don't know by whom. No, we don't know if he's dead (actually, they do, as you'll see). Hey, have you heard about these peace talks?

Why bring up the peace talks? Why not just cover the stabbing of the soldier without deflection? Why is the Huffington Post editorial staff incapable of simply delivering the news to its readership? Why does it have to bring up other issues to try to take attention away from the terrible crime the article is actually about?!

Note the picture choice as well, an all too typical play by the Huffington Post. Once again, Israeli victims of Palestinian violence are not displayed in pictures, and their names are not displayed in any headline. And you can forget about showing pictures of their funerals or grieving families, a courtesy often given to the Palestinians and other Arabs. The "dehumanization" of Israelis is the modus operati on the Huffington Post.

Fascinating how the Times of Israel was able to come up with the picture around the same time as the HP article if not earlier:

You will never see this man's picture in the Huffington Post, I can promise you that.

The inside headline gives more information and less bias, but the damage is done and the headline still isn't great:

At least this headline dares to mention the fact that the soldier died and it was a Palestinian who killed him. But the biased picture remains, and the soldier is never mentioned by name in the article, despite the fact other news agencies published his name. To say nothing of the continued non-sequiter about the peace negotiations.

As you can see from the screenshot, most of the human rights and peace loving HP readership stayed far away from this thread. Those that appeared, though, either did what the Huffington Post hoped they would do and talk about the peace process (as in, bash Israel for the lack of progress), or defend the murder of the soldier:

Pretty messed up, even for the Israel hating Huffington Post readership.

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