Friday, November 15, 2013

Islamic Countries Treatment of Women Roundup

The Huffington Post published two articles that were critical of Islamic countries' treatment of women, specifically Turkey and Egypt.

Let's start with Turkey. The article is about how the Turkish government is "finally" allowing women to wear pants in their parliament. Much rejoicing, I'm sure. Naturally, the HP readership didn't guzzle the haterade towards Turkey for having such a misogynist law in the first place, but rather applied measure, objective critiques of the law and of course compared Turkey to the USA:

Next up: Egypt. The HP published an article about how Egypt is the worst Arab country (cough apartheid cough) for women. Once again, there were some criticisms of Egypt's treatment of women, but it was calm and measured. Also, the results were attacked and fingers pointed elsewhere.

Anyone doubt that if Israel had been judged the worst or a bad state for women, or if women in the Knesset could only now wear pants, there would be hundreds of comments screaming about how Israel's the worst state on Earth and should be destroyed? But apparently when Muslims countries do it, it's a little bit more acceptable.

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