Friday, November 1, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: IDF Protects Palestinian from Settler Attack

The Israel haters love to whine about how the IDF never protects the poor innocent Palestinians from the mean settlers. That's why the Huffington Post doesn't cover news like this incident:
Two settlers allegedly attacked IDF soldiers and a Palestinian man with a club and pepper spray at the entrance to the settlement of Bay Ayin Thursday, prompting the army to withdraw troops that have been protecting the community.
According to the army’s account, the incident began when a Palestinian man driving a truck arrived at the front gate of the settlement to deliver supplies. While he was waiting for permission to enter, two masked youths, apparently members of the community, attacked him with a club.Two IDF soldiers guarding the gate ran to aid the Palestinian, but the assailants attacked them with pepper spray before running off and hiding inside the settlement. The driver and the soldiers were lightly hurt.In response, the army decided to order the five soldiers on guard duty in Bay Ayin to pull out. ”The IDF considers this a grave incident and expects the legal authorities to bring the attackers to justice,” the army said in a statement.A spokesman for Bat Ayin said the community condemned the attack and was embarrassed by the incident.

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