Monday, November 11, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Miley Cyrus to Perform in Israel

And yet another somewhat influential musician thinking about performing in Israel:

Miley Cyrus is bringing her sexy act to Israel in June 2014, according to Israel’s Channel 2.Cyrus’s representatives are reportedly in the early stages of negotiations with an Israeli production company to have the pop star put on a show for 15,000-20,000 people at a yet-to-be-determined venue.Cyrus, once known for her role as Hannah Montana on the wholesome Disney Channel, has been a fixture in entertainment news and gossip columns for the past several years.Media attention has skyrocketed since her racy performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, which also fueled a Web-wide interest in twerking as a cultural phenomenon.Cyrus recently made waves in the Jewish world when she suggested in an interview with website Hunger TV that she knows better than older Jewish men what people want to hear in the clubs.“It’s always weird when things are targeted for young people, yet they’re driven by people that are, like, 40 years too old,” she said. “It can’t be like this 70-year-old Jewish man that doesn’t leave his desk all day, telling me what the clubs want to hear.”

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