Friday, November 22, 2013

Palestinians in Syria In Trouble, HPers Hate on Israel

The Huffington Post covered the story of Syrian Palestinians uprooted "again," this time by the war their fellow Arabs started in Syria. Sympathetic picture, of course, as well as a very long article written by a Huffington Post staff reporter. No republished wire articles for the Palestinians! Here's the headline and accompanying picture:

Nice headline, huh? I wonder how many Palestinians there remember "wars past."

Naturally, the HP readership predominantly left the story alone (there were around 100 comments, despite the lack of moderation), but those that did arrive knew who to blame:

How long do you think a comment calling Palestinians 'neanderthals' would remain undeleted, if it got published at all?

Yes, the Arab practice of forcing Palestinians to remain in refugee camps for decades instead of living in "Palestine" and moving on with their lives is in fact all Israel's fault, as is the war in Syria that caused the Palestinians there to move. Glad the HP readership wasn't fooled by those inconvenient facts.

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