Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The HuffPost's Saudi Spin

The Huffington Post is milking the Iranian nuclear deal for all its worth, even into the second day. As expected, they are trying to drum up as much hate against Israel as they can by pushing article after article about Israel's opinions and actions. What is most notable is the reaction of the Arab states, i.e. the side of this story that doesn't get the media.

After the deal was announced, the Saudis announced that they "wouldn't sit idly by" if the West failed to reach a resolution with Iran. Then a Saudi minister declared that the "region would lose sleep" over this interim deal. Long story short is that they weren't happy with it. But do you think the Huffington Post bothered to cover either of these stories? Heck no, they needed to wait for one that would make the Saudis look good, and yesterday one finally arrived:

Can't cover the whole story, right? That would be bad. There's no spin like Huffington Post spin. But it didn't completely work: rather than praising Saudi Arabia the Huffington Post readership just blamed Israel. Because that's how things work there:

You have to be carefully taught to hate and fear, especially by the Huffington Post.

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