Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Protocols of the Elders of the Huffington Post

[by Jeff Dunetz at He goes after Norman Solomon again, but it's a bad enough article that it's worth repeating.]

With regular columnists such as MJ Rosenberg the Huffington Post has long been the home of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, regularly claiming the government and or media is controlled by the Jewish or Israel Lobby. The comments posted on the site can be worse than the articles.
On Monday, the Huffington Post doubled-down on its conspiracy theories with a piece called "Overplaying Its Hand, Israel Still Holds Plenty of US Cards​" written by Norman Solomon and Abba Solomon. The article suggests that, until the recent deal with Iran, the warmongering Israel and its nefarious lobby have controlled everything the U.S. has done in the Middle East:
But Netanyahu and the forces he represents have only begun to fight. They want war on Iran, and they are determined to exercise their political muscle that has long extended through most of the Washington establishment.
If Israel wanted to wage war against Iran, they've had ample opportunity. They've been warning about the Iranian nuclear program for over a dozen years. The two Solomons go on to suggest that the Republicans have been leading the attack on the Iran deal (a falsehood, if anything it's the Democrats who have been more vocal), and that the "lobby" is attacking the deal because of their fear of losing power over the U.S. Government.
While it's unlikely that such muscle can undo the initial six-month nuclear deal reached with Iran last weekend, efforts are already underway to damage and destroy the negotiations down the road. On Capitol Hill the attacks are most intense from Republicans, and some leading Democrats have also sniped at the agreement reached in Geneva.
A widespread fear is that some political precedent might be set, undercutting "pro-Israel" leverage over U.S. government decisions. 
They conclude with:
This year, Israeli leaders have intensified their lurid casting of Iran as the next genocidal Third Reich, and Israel as the protector absent for Jews during the Holocaust. For some, the theme is emotionally powerful. But it must not be allowed to prevent a diplomatic resolution of the nuclear dispute with Iran.
From now till next summer, the struggle over talks with Iran will be fierce and fateful. All signs point to determined efforts by Israel -- and its many allies in the United States -- to wreck prospects for a peaceful solution.
Actually, Israel has never had to cast Iran as a genocidal Third Reich; the words of Iran's own leaders have done that all by themselves. As for Israel wrecking any possibility for a peaceful solution, Israel's leaders and supporters weren't calling for war, they were calling for the continuation of sanctions.
If the nefarious lobby The Huffington Post columnists warn about actually had the power they talk suggest, the Iran deal wouldn't have happened and The Huffington Post wouldn't exist.

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