Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Goes After Israel Again

Huffington Post editor Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is just one of many with a bias against Israel, but unlike the others he doesn't bother to hide it. Apparently it isn't enough to "humanize Palestinians," he also has to attack Israel with ridiculous stories like this tweet:

We already know that Shihab-Eldin endorses the genocidal and racist BDS movement, but apparently he also endorses the Durban strategy as well. This wasn't covered in the article but the reason why the Ethiopian MP's blood wasn't accepted was because she is from Ethiopia (right) and there is AIDS there. Also the original Ynet article is lacking in detail.

But of course, Shihab-Eldin doesn't read Ynet he reads Al-Akhbar, which concluded with this informative paragraph:
"It was the latest in a series of discriminatory measures targeting Africans entering Occupied Palestine, which the apartheid-inspired Israeli government says poses a threat to Israel's "Jewish character.""
So apparently Shihab-Eldin reads newspapers that believe Israel is "occupied Palestine." Someone want to tweet him and ask him if he believes that to be true? We would, except that he blocked us.

By the way, Shihab-Eldin's Twitter feed makes for some informative reading. He tweeted about this blood bank story not once, not twice, but four times. He also tweeted about Netanyahu missing Mandela's funeral nine times. That's not including other attacks on Israel in the wake of Mandela's death. For a guy who supposedly covers all forms of news stories, it's pretty telling how focused he is on one particular country. Just like the "newspaper" that he works for.

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  1. "Much like health departments in the U.S., the Israeli health ministry’s instructions prohibit accepting blood from homosexual men, people who spent considerable time in the U.K., Ireland and Portugal in previous decades, and people who arrived in Israel from central Africa, South East Asia and the Caribbeans.

    Of the estimated 120,000 Israeli Ethiopians, some 40,000 are eligible to donate blood, because they were born in Israel. Not to acknowledge this fact is a vicious and completely unfair attack on the Jewish State."

    Read more at:


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