Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin Shills for Gaza, HPers Apathetic

HPLive reporter Ahmed Shihab-Eldin has admitted that part of his job on the Huffington Post is to advocate for the Palestinians, and his past behavior has indicated that he's doing exactly that. Today, Shihab-Eldin returned to the well where the most attention and support can be gained: playing the victim.

Most newspapers would use a less obviously manipulative word to describe what's happening in Gaza, such as "experiences" or "coping with." But most newspapers don't have someone on staff who isn't even pretending to be objective or even handed.

The article itself is a video segment by Shihab-Eldin "reporting" on the conditions in Gaza resulting from the recent winter storm. Unfortunately, the comments section wasn't as well populated as the Huffington Post probably hoped for, only 5 comments total at the time of this blog post being published, and only 1 really blaming evil evil Israel.

Maybe next time Shihab-Eldin should make the bias a little less blatant.

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