Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cameraman Jiggles Camera, HP Declares Israeli Soldiers Guilty

The Huffington Post will publish anything, no matter how obscure or wrong, in order to attack Israel because they know that is what the readership wants to hear. So even though they supposedly are taking in news stories from all over the world, there will always be room for something anti-Israel no matter how obscure. This latest story in the "Media" section is one of the most ridiculous.

By all accounts, this is a non-story. This "cameraman" was not working for a news organization but rather for B'tselem, and he wasn't merely filming a confrontation but was clearly right in the middle of it. Here is the clip that supposedly shows him being hit:

As close as I can tell, the soldier was firing the tear gas canisters on an upward arc and wasn't firing it specifically at him. You cannot tell if he was hit at all by the video, and the HP offers no additional evidence to back up the story besides statements from B'Tselem, the cameraman's organization. Note the lack of ambiguity in the title though, no weasel words like "allegedly" or "reported" to be seen. It's a 100% confirmed fact this cameraman was hit in the HP's mind. This total lack of evidence didn't stop the Huffington Post readership from ranting on about how Israel is the most evil country in the universe though:

The engineered hatred has been achieved. At least it was just the usual crowd of haters though.

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