Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Comment of the Day, and Brief Note on the New Comment Policy

Here's your comment of the day, HuffPost moderator approved and and up for about 48 hours.

Also, we should discuss briefly the new comment policy that kicked in two days ago. If you have a Huffington Post account and try to reply to a comment, the website will present you with this choice:

The way you "verify my account" is by connecting to Facebook. It then tells you that your name will now appear with your old username, thus removing anonymity (the comment of the day above was posted before this policy began). However, we should have figured that there would continue to be no civil discussion or accountability, because this is the Huffington Post. They also weren't willing to follow through as many users can now just use a first name and an initial, not to mention the continuous problem of fake Facebook accounts:

Perhaps over the long term the Huffington Post will be less of a haven for raging leftists and anti-Semites, but not right now.

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  1. I'm offended that I now have to have a Facebook account to comment on other sites. It was silly of Funny Or Die to implement that policy a few years ago, and it's still silly now with HuffPo. Facebook is not the only way I should be allowed to identify myself, especially if I am boycotting Facebook.


Hey guys we've started to employ a slight comment policy. We used to have completely open comments but then people abused it. So our comment policy is such: No obvious trolling or spamming. And be warned: unlike the Huffington Post we actually enforce our comment policy.