Monday, December 2, 2013

Daoud Kuttab Whines Prematurely

When you're a professional Palestinian propagandist like Daoud Kuttab, you have a problem. You are literally making a living on Palestinians being victims, so when Palestinians aren't being victims you have nothing to report about and therefore no source of income. So like the Israel haters that you exclusively write articles for, a peaceful, calm situation in the Middle East is the last thing that you want. Most Israel haters just dig even deeper into obscurity to find articles to slander Israel (just ask 972) but Kuttab wasn't willing to do that this time. Instead he turns to prophecy and declares "Israel's anger with US likely to be taken out on Palestinians." And yes, I didn't modify that title at all. Apparently crying crocodile tears for the situation of the Palestinians isn't good enough for Kuttab, he now has to cry for what is "likely" to happen to them. And if  his predictions turn out to be wrong, do you think he will apologize? Yeah, not in this lifetime. He admits right from the start that his conclusions are pretty stupid:
"On the surface, it is hard to see any direct link between the recently concluded deal by Iran and the P5+1 group and the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. If, as the world community believes, this deal makes the world safer, then it should speed up, rather than slowdown, the resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."
Yes, actually, it's very difficult except in the minds of people who seek to blame Israel for everything. It's pretty common for Palestinian supporters to engage in cognitive egocentrism and think that because they are obsessed with "the occupation" all the time so is everyone else, including Israel's government. Kuttab starts off his article by telling us what we already know: that Israel didn't like the latest P5+1 deal with Iran and publicly criticized America's government for it. If you're waiting to hear what this has to do with the precious Palestinian victims, keep waiting because Kuttab is jumping to conclusions again:
"The irony is that the Israeli anger with the US should normally lead to an equal reaction from America, which would potentially make Israel lose its strongest ally in the region. A neutral US vis-à-vis the Israel-Palestine conflict would be a huge bonanza for Palestinians."
Yes, a "neutral" America is a Palestinian wet dream, so it's no real surprise that Kuttab is hoping that will happen despite all evidence to the contrary. Why would the US have an "equal reaction" to Israel's thoughts on their Iran deal? Are we children in a playground? That's kind of what happens with allies and the US-Israel relationship isn't the only one: one does something the other doesn't like, and the other says something about it and they move on (or not). Sure, Israel criticized America for the Iran deal and America brushed them off, but America also criticized Israel for its settlement construction and Israel brushed them off as well. Neither action or reaction led to serious damage to the relationship as much as Kuttab would wish that it did, and it's unlikely that any statements by Israel's government will cause the loss of that ally. By the way, America is not Israel's strongest ally in the region because it isn't in the region. On the other hand, Israel is America's strongest ally in the region. Perhaps that's what Kuttab meant to say.

Anyway, here comes the waterworks:
"However, the problem is that when Israel gets angry with the US, America starts looking for ways to please its spoiled child rather than simply ignore it. Israel will clearly not pay a political price for its public criticism of the US, nor will the Americans lessen their total, unflinching support for Israel....The worry among Palestinians is that America is unlikely to anger the Israelis; that, having stood up to Israel and the Israeli lobby on Iran, the White House will ease off any pressure on Israel in regards to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process."
If Palestinians are so "worried" about peace talks failing, maybe they can actually lift a finger to make peace themselves instead of tossing up precondition after precondition and demand after demand. The hypocrisy and whining in this paragraph is unbelievable. Israel doesn't need American "pressure" to make peace, it just needs a peace partner, something that the Palestinians are not and probably never will be, and Kuttab knows that. So he must point the finger elsewhere as often as he can to avoid dealing with the real issue.

So Kuttab continues to moan about how his dream of an anti-Israel America will probably never come to fruition (forgetting that President Obama is probably the most pro-Palestinian President America has ever had, and the Palestinians still gave him the middle finger for the past 6 years) before turning his attention to the UN Security Council:
"Of course, the most effective pressure on Israel from Washington can easily be applied if the Americans simply lessen their aggressive defence of Israel in international circles. If the US veto would suddenly stop being used in the Security Council, this would be a huge reality check for Israel. The likely of this to happen in the near future, however, especially after the row over Iran, is nearly zero."
Yeah, it is, and that's not new. And it's not like your precious Palestinians have faced any serious consequences from the UN for their blatant crimes against humanity, so stop being a hypocrite if that isn't too much trouble. Anyway, here's his conclusion:
"In the short term, however, it [the Iran deal] is unlikely to give any serious push to a political breakthrough on the peace process, unless a miracle happens. But miracles do happen sometimes in the Holy Land." 
Indeed, Palestinians giving up their genocidal war against the Jews of Israel would indeed be a miracle, since the Palestinians themselves have no intention of doing so. And I like how Kuttab actually thinks that the Iran was supposed to help the "peace process." What was that about cognitive egocentrism?

By the way, we've reached the end of this article and Kuttab still hasn't explained how Israel is going to "take out their anger" on the Palestinians. The only bad behavior he can point to is the peace talks not happening, which was the case before the Iran deal and (wait for it) was the fault of the Palestinians. So that's another epic Kuttab fail.

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