Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Engineered Hate of the Day: Mandela Funeral Edition

I'm sure the Huffington Post editors were positively drooling to cover the story that Netanyahu isn't going to Nelson Mandela's funeral because it costs too much. That sounds bad, and the truth is bad, but there's more to the story than that. Remember that Netanyahu came under fire for spending too much (which the Huffington Post was also happy to cover) and so his office was making many cutbacks as a response, and this was one of them. Furthermore, Netanyahu is not the only prime minister or president of a country not to go to Mandela's funeral. For example the president of the Czech Republic said he had no intention of going. Not that you would know that from reading the Huffington Post, of course. There was only one man they ever care about:

In a nice change, most of the hate was directed at Netanyahu himself, but there was plenty for Israel in general, just as the editors no doubt intended:

And the kicker:

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