Wednesday, December 4, 2013

HP Bias: Hezbollah Commander Gets His Name In the Headline

We've been watching Huffington Post headlines for a while now, because they can indicate bias in obvious ways. Today, it happened again.

The article is about the death of a Hezbollah commander, shot dead by gunmen in Beirut. Even when it comes to this loathsome organization, responsible for the death of dozens of US Marines, the Huffington Post still tries to generate sympathy for this "victim":

His full name gets published in the headline, which humanizes him. He's seen as a person, not a terrorist. This was taken even further with the outside headline:

Now you might be fine with all this. After all, he is a person, even though he works for a terrorist organization. But the question is, why did the Huffington Post publish his full name and picture in their headline, but not the full name of Sgt. Tomar Hazan, an Israeli soldier murdered by a Palestinian he befriended? Why not the full name of Eviatar Borovsky, an Israeli settler also murdered by a Palestinian? Those are just examples in the past few months. But can you ever think of a case in which a picture of an Israeli murdered by a Palestinian was pictured on the Huffington Post. I can only think of Juliano Mer-Khamis, who wasn't a soldier but a leftist peace activist.

But don't worry, the Huffington Post isn't totally biased in favor of Hezbollah. It also published the full name of an Al Qaeda terrorist Israel imprisoned, and plenty of Palestinians.

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