Monday, December 16, 2013

HP Bias: Israeli Soldier Remains Anonymous

Zach and I have been keeping a close eye on how the Huffington Post treats Middle Eastern victims of violence, because it is one of the clearest indications of the bias that pervades "the Internet Newspaper." Before we get to today's victim, I invite you to review the more recent examples of this bias: the Al Qaeda terrorist Israel detained, the Hezbollah commander killed in Beirut (who had his full name, picture and casket in the HP), and the Israeli soldier stabbed to death by a teenage Palestinian. Those are only the most recent examples. Caught up? OK, let's go.

According to the Huffington Post's coverage of this story, an Israeli soldier was driving along the border with Lebanon when he was shot and killed by "a Lebanese army sniper." As far as we can tell, the soldier was not "incurring" into Lebanon or anything like that. So how did the Huffington Post cover this story? Here's the inside headline:

1. Note the lack of picture. There is absolutely no picture accompanying this story at the time I am writing this blog post. Every Palestinian or Lebanese individual killed receives a picture of either the victim him (and it is always a him)self or their mourning families. This Israeli soldier receives nothing.
2. Note also the lack of name in the headline. In both of the examples I linked to above, the Al Qaeda terrorist and the Hezbollah commander, their full names are in the headline. This Israeli soldier, though, remains just an Israeli soldier.

What was the photo to accompany this story in the World section? It needs to have a photo there, so I'm sure the Huffington Post included a relevant picture there at least:


But hey, it's not like anyone else knew the soldier's name and put it in their headline. Right, YnetNews?

Shoot, well, we can't blame the HuffPost for not including a picture. No one has a picture of the soldier. Isn't that correct, Times of Israel?

Well, at least we can wait for the Huffington Post to learn this information for themselves and eventually either publish a new article with more details or update their existing blog post. And when that happens, we will let you know!

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