Thursday, December 5, 2013

HP Bias Update: Hezbollah Commander Gets Picture

Yesterday, I blogged about the Huffington Post's biased headline which accompanied their article about the death of a Hezbollah commander. I thought that would be the end of that particular display of bias. But when I logged onto the World section this morning, I saw this:

Yes, this Hezbollah commander gets a freaking picture of his face to accompany the article about his death, something that has never happened for any Israeli casualty, whether soldier or civilian.

Palestinian apologists whine constantly about "dehumanization" of their side, but if any side is getting sympathetic pictures and headlines, it's clearly theirs (and yes, I'm including Hezbollah on the side of the Palestinians).

Also, because this post was short, here's some of the top comments. The vast majority of comments were happy the commander was dead (despite the HP's multiple, blatant attempts to engineer sympathy) but those that weren't blatantly attacked Israel, of course.

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