Monday, December 2, 2013

HP Publishes Anti-Prawer Plan Propaganda

One of the many anti-Israel articles published recently is the outright propaganda article on the Prawer Plan published on the Huffington Post. It is written by Nadia Ben-Youssef, the US representative for an "Arab rights in Israel" NGO (no bias there!) A balanced, objective newspaper might accompany this article with an article from a sponsor of the bill to provide a balance to the "facts" Ben-Youssef claims. No such balance is anywhere in sight on the Huffington Post.

As for the article by Ben-Youssef, it's long on self referential claims and hand-wringing, but short on inconvenient facts. Right in the second paragraph the lies begin:
"The Prawer Plan is specifically targeting the some 70,000 Palestinian-Bedouin citizens of Israel who continue to live in 35 historic villages, which are unrecognized by the state and therefore denied access to all basic services such as water, electricity, sewage, schools and health clinics. The Prawer Plan seeks to destroy these villages and forcibly displace their residents (again, all citizens of Israel). If fully implemented, the Prawer Plan would be the largest confiscation of Palestinian-owned land since the 1950s."
Note the link to the "Prawer Plan" is to an Adalah link. An somewhat objective source, such as this Wikipedia article, just won't do. The readers of this article are going to read nothing but Adalah-approved information.

Note also the dishonesty throughout the paragraph. The author claims the plan will "target" 70,000 "Palestinian-Bedouin" people, but a) they're in no way Palestinian (no idea where that came from) and b) the vast majority of them will not be relocated or moved in any way. In fact, the current plan calls for legalization of 63 percent of the land claimed by the Bedouins. Those that will be moved are moving because they are illegally squatting on land that does not belong to them. The author does not say how many Bedouin would be relocated, because either she does not know or the number isn't high enough to get the intended effect.

Lastly, check out the last sentence. The Prawer plan would be "the largest confiscation of Palestinian-owned land since the 1950s." Like the Palestinians Ben-Youssef claims the Bedouin are, the author is trying to claim that simply by virtue of squatting on the land and building a shack there, the Bedouin own the land forever and legally. Somehow, I doubt applying the same logic to Jews in the West Bank would get an article written on the Huffington Post. In reality, the Bedouins are nomads (a word that does not appear anywhere in Ben-Youssef's article) and they have never legally owned the land their "historic villages" are on. That's the truth. Why is Ben-Youssef lying?

Next up, Ben-Youssef complains about "discrimination":
"The Prawer-Begin bill joins the wave of discriminatory legislation to have been proposed or passed in recent years by successive Israeli governments that directly threatens the rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel, a 20 percent national minority. While not unique in its explicit and exclusive applicability to only a subset of the population in Israel, the Prawer-Begin bill exceptionally proposes a legal regime for the Bedouin citizens of Israel, which is completely separate from the one that applies to their Jewish neighbors."
Once again, Palestinian apologists (and I can call Ben-Youssef that because for some reason she has decided the Bedouin are Palestinian) have completely flipped the idea of "rights" and "discrimination." No one in Israel has the "right" to squat on state owned land and build houses there. To allow the Bedouins to do that and no one else is discriminatory towards the rest of Israel's citizenry. If anything, the Prawer plan (by legalizing 63% of Bedouin claims) is letting some of the Bedouin get away with their squatting! Ben-Youssef is arguing that the Bedouin are being denied rights they don't have and making everyone equal under the law is discriminatory. Just another day in the crazy mixed up world of Palestinian propagandizing.

That's actually pretty much it in terms of the "facts" presented. Ben-Youssef wraps up with tooting the horn of her NGO, proclaiming that the UN agrees with her (so it must be true) and the Palestinians in general are fighting for "human dignity and human rights" everywhere. Puke. 

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