Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HuffPost Attacks Netanyahu, Readers Attack Israel

If there is one thing the Huffington Post editors hate more than Israel (or Jews in general) it's Netanyahu. He's a perfect blend of all three of their favorite targets: Israelis, Jews, and conservatives. So it's no surprise that they take any opportunity they can (and a few they can't) to go after him. Today's example is a retread of an article they posted before about Netanyahu being attacked for living "extravagantly." Seems like a reasonable criticism, though I can't imagine that any leader in a Western country doesn't live well, but whatever. I expected the readership to attack Netanyahu as well, seeing as how he's a conservative. But they didn't even pretend to have anything against him, they just attacked his country along with endless whining about "my tax dollars."

Just imagine if it was President Obama being criticized for living too well.

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