Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HuffPost Minimizes Palestinian Deaths In Syria

The Huffington Post engaged in some astonishing bias today with its coverage of the latest casualties coming out of Syria. Here's the World section's headline for the article in question:

And here's the inside headline: 

Hmmm. "15 die"? 15 what? Adult men? Women? Children? Horses? Cats? Who knows! For once, the Huffington Post isn't spelling out the stats on the victims of violence in the headline.

If you read the Lebanon Daily Star, though, the headline tells you who the fifteen in question are:

That's right! The 15 killed in Syria are all Palestinians, the chosen victims of the Huffington Post. Why didn't the HP put that they were Palestinians right in the headline? The Huffington Post has done that for Palestinians and other people before, when they are arrested by Israel, detained by Israel, and killed by Israel. But when it's happening in Syria and Israel can't be blamed, suddenly the Huffington Post doesn't feel the need to highlight the nationality of those killed. Blatant bias in its purest form.

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