Monday, December 23, 2013

HuffPosters Defending Terrorism (Again)

There was a bus bombing in a town near Tel Aviv yesterday. I'm sure that much to the chagrin of the Huffington Post readership, no one was killed or even hurt thanks to a sharp eyed passenger and clear headed bus driver. The Huffington Post covered it, but with a typical biased picture on the outside:

And even worse on the inside:

When Palestinians bomb their own people, the Huffington Post will gladly publish dead baby photos, or just about anything to make them look sympathetic. But when those same Palestinians commit war crimes against innocent civilians, we get an emotionless picture of a headline. Clearly the Huffington Post editors don't see Israelis as real people, and therefore it doesn't matter when they are attacked and killed.

Sorry, I shouldn't have said "Palestinians commit war crimes," because you see the crack detective squad of the Huffington Post readers are here to tell us that the Israeli government did it to its people. Why? Because Palestinian terrorism upsets their narrative. Because no one was killed it's not as depraved as usual but they are still pretty messed up:

Then again, there were others who declared that the Palestinians remain the victims while they are blowing up civilians, including the grand finale which has all the terror apologist bases covered:

It appears that the new comment policy has done nothing to clean up the Huffington Posts' comment section.

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