Monday, December 23, 2013

HuffPosters Suddenly Pro-Spying (on Israel)

One of the many legion of complaints the Huffington Post readership likes to direct at Israel is that Israel "spies" on the USA. Of course the USA spies on Israel, but we can't let little details like that get in the way of our hate parade. If you think I am exaggerate punch in some variation on the word "spy" into our search tool on the right and I'm sure you'll find plenty of reading over the past couple of years. And obviously the Huffington Post can't stand the spying that has been uncovered by the Snowden leaks.

But now just to complicate things, the Huffington Post couldn't wait to report that we can add yet another country to the list of targets of American and British spying: Israel! And now that the Jews are the target, the Huffington Posters are pro-spy all the way. Or maybe just anti-Israel, like they always are:

Hate on haters, hate on.

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