Friday, December 13, 2013

Ilias Sourdis Can't Turn It Off

We've commented before about Ilais Sourdis, one of the dozens of Huffington Post bloggers who enjoys attacking in his free time the world's sole Jewish state. He doesn't write so much about Israel in his blogs, mostly concentrating on Greece, but he loves going into comment sections and spewing hatred. And yes, I say hatred and not legitimate criticism because when he refers to his target as "lawbreaker ISRAEL" and that simply by existing it is "provoking terrorism and endangers our lives." His comments in general are the usual far-left that is so welcome on the Huffington Post: America is bad, the CIA is bad, the Assad regime is good, etc.

Anyway, Sourdis has popped up again in a "Religion" article about how the supposed birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem is getting a repair and upgrade. So naturally he needed to shove his way in with the usual talking points about how terrible Israel is, even though Israel and the conflict has nothing to do with this story:

I wonder what "vested interests media organizations" he was referring to. Also, he looks old enough to remember the Church of the Nativity Siege, but I guess he would dismiss that as "legitimate resistance" to occupation. Still, always nice to see what kind of objective analysis the Huffington Post looks for in their bloggers.

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  1. Accidentally I read your comment about my style of criticism on some issues which in my view are wrong and need to be corrected for the common benefit of all.
    I have no benefit neither a reason to hate anyone of my friends in Israel or any part of the world. I have been to Israel and have good friends whom I want to see them free from dangers and hatred by their neighbors.
    If you analyze carefully my comments in no instance I demonstrated any trace of hate to any Israeli citizen and I will never do so because I have no reason to hate anyone.
    My criticism is directed only on the Israeli political leadership which in my view is following a wrong policy on handling the Palestinian issues and that endangers not only the safety of the innocent Israeli citizens but forces the oppressed Palestinians to become terrorists and attack other places outside the Middle East. As you know my view is shared by the vast majority of global public opinion and I am surprised to read how wrongly you misinterpreted my criticism.
    How we will correct the wrongs if we don't criticize the wrongdoers? Do you think that we will be of more help if we keep silent and let our leaders follow wrong policies?
    I hope this clarifies your wrong impression about my comments and join me and others in the fight to correct some of the wrongs.
    Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year to you and everyone.
    Ilias Sourdis


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