Monday, December 9, 2013

"Iran-Firstering" of the Day

Daniel Nisman and Matthew Markman wrote an article titled "Will Iran's Covert War Continue?" With the election of President Rouhani Western media hailed a new beginning of relations between Iran and the West, and these two authors dared to ask if that would include Iran's repeated attempts to kill Americans by proxy:
"While the Quds Force may have their hands tied for now, their influence has become so entrenched in Shiite communities throughout the region that they may not need to strike back personally. In their stead are dozens of devoted proxies based in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and anywhere else in the region where neglected Shiite communities or anti-Western extremists can be found. Chief among them are the religiously devout and increasingly aggressive Shiite militias in Iraq and Lebanon, who have now become the most crucial cog in the Assad regime's killing machine under Iranian direction, with little objection from the international community."
This doesn't come as news to anyone, it's not like we didn't know about it before. But the authors forgot that Iran is one of the Huffington Post readership's sacred cows, and so practically everyone in the thread marched out to defend it and attack America instead:

Don't expect MJ Rosenberg to be along to call these people "Iran firsters."

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