Monday, December 9, 2013

Israeli Child Abducted, HPers Defend

Anav Silverman wrote what was supposed to be a touchy-feely peace and love post, about how Palestinians helped an Israeli couple get their child back home after their car was stolen. What happened was an Israeli mother and her child were driving through the West Bank when they were hit by professional carjackers, who rear-ended the Israeli car and, when the mother got out to inspect the damage, jumped in her car and drove away...with her kid in the back seat. Eventually, the Israeli husband worked with local Palestinians to find the abandoned car with the child still inside. The article was intended to inform the readership that Israelis and Palestinians can work together to stop crime and protect children.

Only two HPers posted on the thread, and those that did immediately "blamed the victim:"

Every time I think the HPers have reached a new low, they surprise me.

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