Tuesday, December 24, 2013

James Zogby Plays the Christian Card

It's a wonderful holiday tradition about Israel haters around the holiday season to take a rest a few weeks a year from pretending to care about the Palestinians, and instead switch to pretending to care about Christians. The Huffington Post hasn't been as bad about that as usual, though of course Christmas is still tomorrow. They've only published one article by James Zogby, and it's about Christians all over the Middle East. Though by 'all over' he means Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and "Palestine." The "Palestine" section has the usual blame-Israel-first mentality we have come to expect. Before he even gets there, ready for something very not PC?
"In the face of growing insecurity, Christians throughout the Arab East will soon be celebrating Christmas."
Excuse me? The Arab East? Did you seriously just say that? Hey guess what, a region doesn't have an ethnicity! The Middle East is not "Arab," it doesn't magically become the property of one race of people just because they happen to be ruling over all the others there. Just imagine if someone referred to America as the "White West." Ugh, so offensive.

Anyway, here's the blaming of Israel I was talking about:
"This year, however, as Arab Christians gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the promised "peace on earth, good will to men" will appear, at best, as a remote dream. Bethlehem, the place where Jesus was born, remains under Israeli occupation with its residents, both Christian and Muslim, cut off from their lands by an oppressive 30-foot-high concrete barrier and by massive settlement colonies. The resultant loss of freedom, land, and opportunity has taken a very real toll on the fabled "little town." Christians can pray, to be sure, but they cannot freely move about, engage in commerce, provide for their families or insure for the future of their children. An immediate impact of these policies has been the crippling of Bethlehem's world-renown Mother of Pearl and olive wood craft industries. A further result of the pressure of occupation has been the exodus of many of the town's young."
According to COGAT, all the hotel rooms in Bethlehem are full and you couldn't get one now if you tried. But that doesn't stop Zogby from whining his hear out about it. Yes, it's true, Bethlehem like everywhere else has suffered blowback from the Palestinian terror war against Israel. You can get into Bethlehem whenever you want to. But if Zogby is really so intent on "peace on earth, good will to men," he can start by asking his fellow Arabs to make peace with Israel, so that way the concrete barrier will no longer be necessary.

As long as we're asking the impossible, he could also mention that the Christians are leaving the area not because of "the pressure of occupation" but because Muslims are abusing the heck out of them. That being said, by anti-Israel propaganda standards it was pretty mild. Of course the rest of the article also leaves out the Muslim factor  (preferring to blame individual organizations like the brotherhood in Egypt). Let me demonstrate a classic example of misdirection:
"The US invasion of Iraq led to a break-down of order leading to insurgency and ultimately to sectarian conflict. As armed groups cleansed neighborhoods and communities of their rivals, defenseless Christians were caught in the middle and were deliberately targeted by violent extremists who bombed their churches and businesses. During the first five years of the American occupation of Iraq, more than one-half of Iraq's Christians were forced into exile. Those who remained lived and prayed in fear for their safety."
Glad we've got the "blame the US" covered. But tell me, what religion were these "armed groups." What beliefs were they "extremist" about, which led to violence? Amazing how Zogby doesn't appear to be willing to discuss the common denominator here, less he criticize his fellow Arabs so blatant. But he's a Christian Arab himself, so I guess he is used to having to censor himself around the majority.

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