Friday, December 13, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Hits a New Low

He's managed to keep it out of his writing on the Huffington Post, but former Media Matters employee MJ Rosenberg has become more and more unhinged since his departure. Matt and I don't bother with him too much any more as he desperately struggles for relevance. Every now and then a writing of his on his personal blog comes to our attention, though, like this latest one in which he repeats for what has to be the one thousandth time that Jews AIPAC controls America. Sure, he's said it before but you can hear the derangement dripping through onto the page (emphasis his):
"The Israel Lobby has the media so intimidated that no one in the mainstream media has the nerve to tell the American people why Congress is likely to pass new Iran sanctions that would kill the Iran negotiations.No one. By no one, I mean no one."
Except for the courageous superhero that is MJ Rosenberg, of course. Where would we be without him? Working in the salt mines being whipped by "media cutouts" (another term that comes back in this article), I imagine. Like all good conspiracy theorists, the people doing the bad things also can keep the media from reporting about it...somehow. But don't worry! Rosenberg brings proof in the form of an anonymous conversation with a person who he probably made up but is still very trustworthy:
"I called a friend on the Hill who put it to me simply, “MJ, this is AIPAC’s number one issue. You really want [a well-known progressive senator] to lose his seat over this.” I explained that his boss might lose a few dollars but not his seat. But then I added, “Actually, I think any American legislator should be willing to lose his seat in Congress to defend US interests.” My friend’s response was, “Yeah, you worked here. You know better than that.”"
 What, you mean you don't find that particularly convincing? If not, Rosenberg has got plenty of other grandiose claims (tinged with anti-Semitism) for you to ponder:
"But they [the mainstream media] can’t report it. That is, perhaps, an even bigger scandal than the fact that our Congress would jeopardize US security (and lives) for a few bucks."
So first MJ Rosenberg said the media won't, because "the Israel Lobby" "intimidates" them, now he says they can't. Can you please let us know when you figure out it out? By the way, AIPAC doesn't endorse individual candidates but that doesn't stop Rosenberg from declaring that "every single Member of Congress who expresses “concern” about the Iran deal is doing so to please AIPAC and its donors. Almost all get money from AIPAC and the rest want to." That would be the part where you provide a link to prove what you are saying is true. But let me guess: there are none because "the Lobby" censored them all.

Let me finish up with my personal favorite, as I don't want to spend too long on him (emphasis mine):
"The Israel Lobby owns’s just AIPAC and their media cutouts who are doing this. And everyone else is scared into silence."
The Huffington Post is the only publication left giving this clown any kind of legitimacy. I wonder what they think about statements like this one? I particularly love how in a postscript Rosenberg admits he was wrong without actually saying as much:
"PS So far, the only senators to say they will not support the AIPAC sanctions bill are Feinstein and Sanders (both Jews, by the way). The rest are praying AIPAC drops the bill because, if it doesn’t, they will have to choose AIPAC over America.  I mean, what choice do they have?" 
Right, so Feinstein and Sanders can resist the nefarious pull of "the Lobby" but no one else can? That actually makes sense to you? What a joke.

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