Monday, December 2, 2013

More "Balance" From Huffington Post Live

We've commented in the past about how the managing editor of HuffPostLive, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, is a man with a clear anti-Israel agenda. In today's "WorldBrief" he made that clear once again. Shihab-Eldin was discussing the recent protests against Israel's Bedouin relocation plan. Here's a screenshot from the broadcast.

You will probably need to click to zoom in, but take a look at the "Guests" in the lower left corner. The ones relevant to this story are:

Dr. Thabet Abu Ras: Director of the Naqab Office at Adalah.
Mike Omer-Man: Managing Editor at +972 Magazine.

This must be what the Huffington Post editors refer to as "balance:" an Israel-hating Arab versus an Israel-hating Jew. So naturally nothing close to the whole story was reported at any time during the broadcast.

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