Friday, December 27, 2013

Rocket Attack vs. Airstrike

The Huffington Post for once covered both stages of a Gaza border altercation (although they "forgot" to cover the news of an Israeli civilian killed by a sniper from Gaza). They started off with an article about a rocket from Gaza hitting a village in Israel. Here's the biased coverage they gave for it:

Note a) the lack of any kind of picture (God forbid there's a picture of Israeli children cowering in a bunker or something and b) the headline wording, explicitly stating Israel claims a rocket hit their village. It may or may be true (who knows!), we're just telling you what Israel told us.

Due to both the lack of blood and the fact that Israel was the one attacked, the article generated 16 comments, despite being up for days.

The day after, though, Israel responded with an airstrike. Here's how the Huffington Post covered that story:

The picture is an interesting choice, it looks to me like Hamas policemen arresting a kid. Maybe the Huffington Post editorial staff is hoping the readership assumes those are Israeli police? Weird.

But in any case, observe the headline. "Israel Launches Airstrike in Gaza." There is no ambiguity anymore! We know for sure Israel launched the airstrike. Suddenly the Huffington Post's butt-covering skepticism goes out the window when it's Israel on offense.

Note also the subheading in the picture: "Just a Child: Israeli Airstrike Kills 3-Year-Old Girl". There's the HP heading I was expecting, talking about the poor innocent Palestinian casualty, complete with a editorialized phrase as well. And guess what? If you read the article, this is what it says: "Hamas Health Ministry official Ashraf al-Kidra said an airstrike in central Gaza killed a 3-year-old girl and wounded three relatives, including two young siblings. In all, 10 people were wounded, he said." So Hamas is the one claiming a girl was killed. Where is the Huffington Post headline reading "Hamas: Girl Killed in Israeli Airstrike"? Again, no skepticism from the Huffington Post when they are publishing stories from Hamas. Ridiculous.

Of course, the airstrike article generated hundreds of comments, most of which were spewing hate for Israel for daring to strike back against Gazan aggression, or really for whatever they want to hate on Israel for.

Yup, no bigotry or stereotyping here. The Huffington Post's biased coverage has done the job once again. 

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