Monday, December 23, 2013

The Day a Narrative Broke

The Israel hating Huffington Post readership depend on narratives to maintain their hatred. One of them is that Israel hates Nelson Mandela and loves the apartheid government of South Africa. No amount of facts or information to the contrary will ever deter them. Which is why it was so shocking that the first time Huffington Post covered a story of Israel working together with Nelson Mandela against the apartheid government, no one had anything to say:

Notice the comment count there: no one even had the courage to step up and admit that maybe they were wrong. It appears everyone tried to ignore the article as much as they could. But they couldn't ignore the second article about it, so they engaged in the classic dance when confronted with information they didn't want to hear.


Character assassination on Mandela:

And off topic attacks on Israel:

Always amusing to see cognitive dissonance in action.

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